Apple Mac Repair in Buckinghamshire

We don’t mind being called “geeks” – in fact, it’s a compliment. When we aren’t repairing Apple devices, we’re reading about them, talking about them and sometimes even dreaming about them! It’s what makes us great at our job and ensures we provide the best possible service to our customers.

We’re proud of our Support team who have successfully repaired hundreds of Apple Macs and other Apple devices for residents across Buckinghamshire every week. Regularly trading tech-tips, so you know your Apple device is in good hands.

A variety of hardware and software repairs are performed on-site at our Gerrards Cross HQ by our family of trained IT technicians, so the next time your Apple machine needs a little TLC just get in touch.

Apple Mac Hardware Repair

Dropped your MacBook and now the screen is cracked? Maybe you accidentally spilt something and your iMac keyboard won’t work? Or perhaps your trusty Mac is making noises it shouldn’t. Whatever the problem, we have access to replacement parts for a wide range of Apple products and can repair even the trickiest of hardware faults quickly and at very competitive rates.

We operate legally and fairly which means we will always give an honest assessment of your machine.

Whilst most out-of-warranty fixes can be taken care of easily, if the repair costs are high we may recommend a newer model suited to your needs as a more cost-effective solution to the problem. And we will even help you extract data from your broken machine to ensure nothing important is lost.

Apple Mac Software Repair

Sometimes the problem isn’t as easy to diagnose as a cracked screen which is why we have a range of troubleshooting techniques at our disposal to help get your Apple Mac device back to full working order.  Sluggish operating systems, suspected malware attacks or other unexplained software errors can all be resolved quickly by our friendly team of on-site technicians.

Don’t get bogged down in lengthy and expensive conversations with overseas operatives, simply pop into our Gerrards Cross branch with your machine and chat through the problem, face-to-face, with a member of the Nexus team.

We won’t confuse you with technical jargon – we provide straight-forward advice to all our Buckinghamshire based customers who rely on the Nexus team to repair and maintain their Apple Mac devices throughout the year.

If you have a sad Mac, drop it in to us or take advantage of our free pick-up service in Buckinghamshire and we’ll get it back up and running in no time. Call the Nexus IT Apple Mac Repair team.

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