PC and Laptop Repairs in Amersham

Not having a working computer or laptop can sometimes feel like missing a limb, so reliant are we on keeping connected 24 hours a day. A faulty computer causing disruption can be really annoying but if you are also a remote-worker, it is critical to resolve software or hardware issues quickly.
This is when Nexus IT Support and Repair can help. Based locally near Amersham, you never need worry if your PC or laptop goes wrong because our fully-trained technicians are based on-site to swiftly respond and repair whatever hardware or software problem you have.
Desktops, laptops, Macs or PCs – we work with all computers, across all major brands and are yet to find a computer we can’t repair. “Can you fix it?” we hear you cry. Well, yes we can!

PC and Laptop Hardware Repair

There can be any number of reasons why your PC or laptop just isn’t performing the way it used to. A cracked screen, faulty power cable, broken keyboard or dead battery – often the solution is simple and a replacement part can be fitted easily by one of our repair consultants.
But sometimes the problem isn’t instantly visible and all you have to go on is a strange noise threatening to plunge your productivity to zero. Don’t panic! Our IT Technicians will be able to diagnose the fault. With decades of IT experience between them, they will pin point the problem and provide a solution that will ensure your machine is back up and running properly in no time.

Software Troubleshooting and Installation

There may come a time when your trusty computer or laptop falls foul to an online attack and experiences symptoms you can’t explain. Our quick and easy virus detection process can identify the root causes and remove any viruses that may be causing the problem. We can also configure computers to detect current viruses and run periodic scans to help prevent further attacks.

If speed is an issue, we offer a range of ways to boost your machine without having to invest in a more up-to-date model. We can run diagnostics and analyse your computer to recommend the most cost-effective way forward. By simply modifying your system settings or reinstalling the operating system can often ensure faster performance. Or we might suggest installing the latest Solid State Drive or upgrade the RAM to really speed things up.
Sickly software is treated by our trained IT technicians easily and efficiently, making your computer feel like new again.

Data Recovery and Backup

We all know we are meant to back up our files on a regular basis but how many of us actually do? But what happens when you accidentally delete an important file or your hard drive crashes and wipes your data? We never worry until it’s too late.
Losing years worth of data can be devastating but don’t worry, help is at hand. The Nexus computer repair team are experts at recovering data from PCs and laptops, with a number of tools at their disposal to retrieve lost or deleted files.

If you are based in Amersham, we are happy to come and pick up your poorly PC for free or you can simply drop it into our Gerrards Cross office for a swift fix. We want happy customers as well as happy computers, so we only recommend what’s necessary for your machine and will always give you an estimate of the repair costs before we start.

Our reputation is built on honesty which is why our local computer repair service is used by hundreds of satisfied customers who appreciate our fast and friendly help.

Call the Nexus IT Support and Repair service today to find out more.

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