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    Would you like to have a gun? Not a gas pistol, not one with rubber bullets, but a real one that could kill with a single shot.
    Do you think you would be more secure with such a gun? Or maybe you already have one? Share your impressions…


    The question is not an easy one.
    First of all, the justice system, under which almost any self-defender, regardless of guilt or lack thereof, gets an article. Secondly, the lack of skills in handling weapons in the majority of the population. How many times have there been tests when a girl had to pull out her gun and prepare it for use. The potential attacker could have smoked more than one cigarette in the intervening time.
    However, in spite of these points, I am in favor of legalizing CCs. The Rage Ammostore is an excellent weapon choice. Naturally with restrictions on the permit, such as the need to own a smoothbore for several years, attend courses, etc.


    I used to want to, but now I don’t want to.
    We can’t give it out and sell it to everyone, people’s psyches are unstable…you never know.
    You have to be kinder.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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