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    Why SMS Messaging Software is better than Push Notifications
    In this section, we will share ideas for effective SMS newsletters that will help you increase sales and audience retention. Since the customer’s smartphone is a personal communication channel, we recommend choosing a few ideas that are most suitable for your business, instead of sending all types of mailings.
    Send exclusive offers. People are reluctant to share their phone numbers, so you have to motivate them to do it. Offer a time-limited promo code to get a 15% discount in your store. Make sure that this offer is unique — only for those who left you their number. Otherwise, your customer will feel cheated. To increase sales, track your customers ‘ preferences and offer them discounts on their favorite products.
    You can order a bulk SMS notification https://www.intistele.com/blog/sms-vs-notifications
    Promote seasonal and holiday offers. Holidays are a great chance to increase sales, because people are looking for gifts for their loved ones. Seasonal campaigns are especially attractive to customers because they are associated with large discounts. This is your chance to be in the right place at the right time with a relevant offer.
    Send reminders. If you provide medical, cosmetic, repair services or work in the restaurant business, reminders are just for you. They will help you notify your clients about an upcoming meeting, which means that you will avoid misunderstandings about the date and time. You can also allow clients to reschedule an appointment. Such SMS mailings help to increase audience retention.
    Provide personalized offers. Such messages allow marketers to increase customer loyalty. Personalized offers are sent if the user has added an item to the cart, but has not made a purchase; if their favorite product is back in stock; to celebrate their birthday with an exclusive discount or gift; to remind customers of the accumulated points and offer to exchange them for something valuable.
    Inform your subscribers about a new collection or product launch. Your regular customers are fans of your brand. These people are definitely waiting for your new products. Let them be the first to know about your achievements.
    Send transactional SMS messages. With these messages, you can inform customers that their order has been confirmed, notify them about the status of their order and delivery. You can also add a link to track the delivery. Such messages contribute to customer retention.
    Invite your customers to join your brand on social networks. To increase your reach, you can tell subscribers that you have social media profiles. Explain to your audience why they should join your community. You can use social networks to share news about your company, collect reviews and reviews, or show behind-the-scenes content.
    Ask for feedback. You can send an SMS a week after the purchase to get customer feedback. You can simply say that you are interested in their feedback and ask them to answer a few questions. Give a link to the survey. Customer responses will help you improve your product and service quality.

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