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    Never went on various business trips. Please advise me on what clothes to bring with you. For example, if there will be various business meetings in restaurants and offices. I want comfortable and high-quality clothes. Can you tell me where to buy something suitable.


    I usually try to pack light and as few things as possible. If you can get some clothes that stay durable and fresh without needing to wash or iron much it is great. XSuit has the best anti-wrinkle shirts and suits, and Exofficio has really good travel underwear, those 2 are the places I like to buy from most for business travel clothes.


    I don’t have a big city and there’s no stock shop for branded shoes and clothes here. I think it would be a successful business, can anyone advise a supplier?


    I have often bought branded clothes from one instagram shop and often they were for ridiculous money compared to what that brand has in shops. Asked where the seller gets it himself, he replied that he buys wholesale stock clothes. I was interested in such a business and thought of starting to sell clothes myself. Do you think this shop can be trusted?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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