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    QuickBooks Bank Feeds not working is a useful online banking feature that allows you to connect to your financial institution, download transactions, and use other online services. This new and intelligent QuickBooks feature can only retrieve financial transactions automatically for 90 days. Users can now process credit card and bank transactions using Bank Feeds. It usually gives them more time for other important business requirements.
    How Do I Fix QuickBooks Bank Feeds That Aren’t Working?
    As every single user is aware of this problem, which occurs for a variety of reasons, it is critical to resolving this error at all costs. If you do not want to go from site to site looking for the best solution to this problem, simply follow the methods listed below whenever you encounter any bank-related issue.

    Solution 1: Ensure that all cache files in QuickBooks are cleared out.

    The solutions for the Quickbooks Bank feeds not working are given below:
    1. To begin, go to the Bank’s website and then click on it.
    2. Log in to the website and enter the correct username and password.
    3. Search for the transactions.
    4. Ascertain that there are “no pending alert notifications” for any action.
    5. If you receive a notification message, address it before proceeding.
    6. After completing the preceding steps, immediately log out of the specific account.
    7. Open a browser and look through the browser history and cache files.
    8. Finally, delete all cache files.

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