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    You might be asking what the difference is between graphic design and web design if you’re new to design. Are they similar, or do they need whole distinct skill sets? Which should you pursue as a freelance designer, and which provides more opportunities? So, here you will know about graphic design vs. web design.

    Graphic designers create visuals by mixing text, photographs, and illustrations to convey a message. Graphic designers have traditionally focused on logos and print designs such as posters, magazines, brochures, book designs, and packaging. However, as technology has progressed, graphic designers are now tasked with generating more digital materials for online and email. Creative graphic designers at unique logo design companies can create a logo for you from scratch.

    The process of creating a website’s visual appearance and feel is known as web design. You’ll plan the website’s user experience wireframe layouts, organize material and pictures in a way that tells a story, and create the final UI as a web designer.

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