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    Rule #1. You can’t constantly tell your beloved about yourself. You always need to keep a certain mystery, a secret, in order to interest a man. To interest them for subsequent meetings.

    Rule #2. Do not interrupt your possible future spouse. Let him speak, then start talking. It is advisable to emphasize the interest in the conversation with a nod of the head.

    Rule #3. It is necessary to be a decent person, without immediately asking about earnings or personal life.

    Rule #4. It is not recommended to rotate the head to the sides. This not only distracts a guy or a man,but also makes him think. He may think that he is saying too much or will find the woman nervous.

    Rule No. 5. Never make fun of a man. Humor is allowed – as much as you want, because guys love funny girls, but you can’t make jokes. By doing this, you show yourself an indecent person.

    Rule No. 6. You can not drink a large amount of alcohol on the first date. He can force a girl to commit a rash act, which may permanently destroy your future relationship. One or two glasses of wine don’t count.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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