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    When it comes to learning, web-enhanced learning gives students a lot of options. With this tool, a student can learn at their own pace while also trying out a new teaching method. A classroom that is up to date with the twenty-first century provides programs that better meet the needs of today’s students.

    Why not put students in a learning environment where they can be enthralled by computers, television, and various types of video games? According to statistics, students in classrooms with web-enhanced learning have a better learning environment. More students are accepting of the idea of using games and electronics in the classroom rather than the more traditional method.

    The basic lectures and book readings are often boring for students who are forced to “learn the old way.” Teachers have come up with a variety of ways to use the internet to make even the most boring subject fun and exciting to learn.

    WebQuests frequently employ web-enhanced learning. A WebQuest is an internet-based learning tool that allows students to learn about a specific subject based on their age and grade. When I was asked to find a WebQuest, I found one for kids in kindergarten through third grade. This WebQuest is intended to improve a child’s math skills while also providing entertainment for the audience. Carla Byars designed the WebQuest Making the Connection.

    Her message is reinforced by her lesson Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other subject areas are examples of math skills. Throughout the lesson, Byars’ goal is to teach her students in small groups and help them better understand each highlighted area. Her WebQuest demonstrates a clear connection to Bloom’s Taxonomy by covering each step from Knowledge to Evaluation. I believe she will reach out to all of her students because she used each step correctly. Mjunoon Tv is the best place for learning new things on a daily basis because learning never stops.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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