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    Top companies accepting Bitcoin (BTC)
    Paying for purchases online using cryptocurrency is the most popular method. Now a lot of foreign stores, living in step with the times, are ready to accept bitcoins. Most often, this applies to those firms that work in the IT direction. Nevertheless, it is possible to pay for the goods of companies that supply other products.
    On Cryptwerk you can read where bitcoin can be used
    In general, in the world, especially where virtual money is no longer an innovation, you can buy almost all types of goods and services for them (food, clothing, sporting goods, furniture, travel packages, health services, ordering food at home). If you use foreign resources, then it will not be difficult to pay with cryptocurrency.
    At the moment, there are two ways to pay with bitcoins. The first, which is essentially a simple exchange of virtual funds for conventional or electronic, is the transfer of the amount to the company’s wallet. The “correct” payment method is not so common yet, but it is what the creators of the currency suggest using. When paying, the seller specifies a certain barcode that contains the necessary set of information about the servant or the product itself and the required amount. The buyer scans this code using the application installed on his phone or other device. The scanning procedure is essentially identical to when the client transfers finances from hand to hand to the seller. It won’t take more than a few seconds to pay this way. The procedure can be carried out anonymously at will.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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