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    YoWhatsapp now has an exclusive version 2.0 which has been designed by a well-known entrepreneur, Anthony Applegate. In this new modded Android version, he’s merged all the great features from his previous versions. The first app was already installed and downloaded several months before, however its Update wasn’t available, and most users were still experiencing slow and crashing of WhatsApp because of the old version’s nasty bugs and malware. However, in just a few hours after downloading the modded YoWhatsapp apk, everything changed. Instant messages sent from this new APK are much clearer and the overall speed is much faster and better compared to what it was in the older version.

    The developers of this mod has spent more time on this android app than on the actual program itself, so you should expect the best performance from this one. The interface of YoWhatsapp has been modded with smooth transitions and smooth icons, so you don’t have to worry about finding something in the app that doesn’t suit your style. This official version of yowhatsapp apk download is also accompanied with a free desktop version of YoWhatsapp. You can use this to keep your kids informed about the latest news, or perhaps give your friend a tour of your blog.

    Aside from the smooth and fully functional interface of the mod apps, the new update of YoWhatsapp apk has several cool features. You can now synchronize your messages, calendar and contacts from your phone or tablet to your YO-Phone and vice versa. For a price of $2.99, you can also download a Google Maps location for your YO-Phone. Other than these features, the new update of YoWhatsapp has an instant messenger that supports MSN, AIM and Yahoo Messenger, a music player that supports Mp3, and a photo gallery that supports JPEG and PNG formats.

    The newest version of this mod apk has been modified to add a new feature called YO-Phone chat. It allows you to directly talk to your friends even though you are on the move. To get it, you have to buy the special license through Google, which costed $2.00, but if you don’t have this money, then don’t worry because you can still get the regular version of the apk by purchasing the “unlimited download” package.

    Apart from all these features, the new modified version of this program enables you to easily manage your contacts and calendar. When you have more tasks to do, you just have to use the “calendars” tab to plan and organize your work. You can see your work by filtering it according to categories like events, sports, travel, leisure, etc. and can add your scheduled events, even your upcoming appointments. The program also integrates with Google+ for you to share a simple message with your contacts or just update your status with a simple click of the button.

    This is just an introduction of the best features of this amazing program. If you want to download it free, all you need to do is to search on Google for it. But in case if you want to purchase a license to install the full version of YoWhatsapp, then all you need to do is to visit a website that provides such kind of downloads. The website should have easy and convenient user interface, so that it allows you to download and install the program quickly.


    it is even more better to use this gb whatsapp instead of using yo whatsapp because gb whatsapp has lot of features and functions and also it is develop first rather then others modified versions of WhatsApp…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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