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    Young parents, help with advice, I have not slept for the fourth night already, the child is full, dry, the tummy does not hurt, he just does not sleep and that’s it, maybe he confused day with night, what can you advise?


    Be patient and try to use different baby projector soother that suit you, maybe it will be classic lullabies, heartbeats or natural sounds of birdsong, or it will be a night light – a projector with controlled decor, you need to try all this.


    The fidget toys pop it contains little ‘bubbles’ you can push through and ‘POP’. It is designed to provide a satisfying sensory and tactile experience. POP IT from one side, then flip it over and POP IT again!
    These fidgets are great for kids and BIG kids, they provide a form of stress relief and calmness.


    Make sure that the projector you are making plans to shop for is worth or now not steady with the projection length. Top projectors under 15000 Throw Distance, Audio, three-D Technology, Resolution, Connectivity, Brightness & Contrast are the opposite key functions to check on a Projector that have an impact on the exquisite of the projection.

    The Native Resolution of this undertaking is rated as 1280*800 along side a Max Support Resolution of 1920*1080. This is a fantastic projector for Home, Cinema, Education, School, Office makes use of. It makes use of LCD LED projection generation for delivering clean and clearer picture first-rate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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