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    I wonder, when programmers write software, do they have any programs or methods for checking their actions, so that in the end they do not have to redo everything?


    I know for sure that there are software metrics – a numerical measure that allows you to evaluate certain properties of a particular piece of software code. It is important that for each metric there are usually its benchmarks, indicating at which extreme values ​​it is worth paying attention to a given section of code. Code metrics are categorized and can measure completely different aspects of a software system: the complexity and structure of the program code, the coherence of components, the relative volume of software components, etc. It is better to consult with professionals such as if you need a list of indicators. adapted to your business.


    Hey, have you heard of Drupal’s innovations?

    michael john

    Programming is a complex matter. Therefore, every technique that helps to simplify it is very useful. Nowadays, it’s often being discussed the programming language which will be better for students who learn how to program. Programming techniques are almost in all aspects of our lives, starting from subconscious mind programming techniques to computer programming.
    Repetition or Loops
    Decisions or Selection
    Modular Arithmetic
    Manipulating Text
    Random Numbers and Scaling

    Melissa White

    Hello! I want to tell you about How to Develop a Custom Drupal Module. A lot of information about this can be found here The existing functionality of Drupal 8 is very extensive. Like all previous versions of Drupal, it gives developers a lot of options to implement their plans. However, there are a number of cases where the built-in toolkit is not enough. This is where modules come to the rescue. These are special extensions of the current Drupal features that help to customize the solution created on the basis of this platform as much as possible.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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