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    I am wondering if someone would find it interesting and in fact beneficial for the growth of their business to higher outsource technical counseling. What I mean by that is the following: say you are the owner/manager of some business that has some tech department or non at all and you see the opportunity for creating a technology that would expand your business. For example, an architectural firm realizes that it is spending too many human resources on the planning of the floors of the building and decides to automate this process. Due to a lack of tech expertise in the firm or the available capacity of your tech team, it is hard to find/allocate resources to create such a technology.

    In such or similar circumstances do you think that bringing an outsourced development team which would at the same time play the role of CTO in this project would be helpful? And are such circumstances even realistic nowadays?


    Hiring a highly qualified technical director on your own is not an easy task. It is best to use the services of specialists. We use the services of ZenBit. Speed, professionalism and quality of services – at the highest level. So cto as a service for startups is what you need. Feel free to contact the experts, the guys have been doing it for a long time and know the specifics.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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