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    Lasy Mona

    Have you done exterior waterproofing? I have a lot of cracks on the outside which result in water in my basement. I don’t know which specialist to turn to so that I can do a quality job and I didn’t worry that the water would again be in my basement. I have already done such a procedure once, but the water appears again and again, I don’t know what will stop it.


    I recommend that you still contact the masters, perhaps there are specialists near you who can help? It is not recommended to solve such a problem yourself because you can make it even worse if water constantly gets into the basement, then this is also not good. Get in touch with a waterproofing company!


    I did this last year, before that I had frequent problems with cracks in my basement, which eventually led to water in my basement. All things were always wet, nothing could be left in a damp basement, we asked for help here basement waterproofing mississauga, the specialists cleaned and examined the outer side of the wall for cracks, and as it turned out we had a lot of them, and they were big … But everything was decided and The basement is no longer leaking!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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