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    Mike Colady

    Hi All, we do foods and beverages packing and due to severe shortage of labors and workers here, we’re desperately looking for alternative options. Upon a lot of research, meetings, and discussions, we’re agree to the point that we should automate our whole process of food packing. Although, we’re in contact with few companies and the problem is about their rates which are surprisingly very high. Is there anyone who has experienced of it and knows about economical but best company that offers automation and robotics services. If yes, pls do mention it here.

    Thanks very much helpers.! 🙂


    I think shortage of labors is an extensive issue and we faced last year. The best way is to solve it is, factory robots or you can say industrial automation. As you’re looking for technology companies for automation, I will suggest you to check the market, there are many economical companies exists in the market. If you can’t decide and need recommendations, I will recommend RIOS technology company that provides best automation services in manufacturing, foods & beverages packing, and supply/chain operations. Again, it’s just my recommendation, check their official site for estimated cost and more details.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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