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    There is no light. Not that not at all, but simply not. I want to remove the xenon from the fluted headlights (I bought it like this). I didn’t want to put lenses because it was expensive, the top of the luminous flux was cut off (it doesn’t blind the oncoming lane, it’s good, but there is no slight illumination and it is difficult to see signs and pedestrians). In this regard, I look at the LED H1 lamps in the near. Can you advise (considering that the glasses are corrugated) which ones to take?


    In general, I watched a video on lamps in a car, they carried out a test in all parameters, among galagen, xenon and LED, it turned out that it was best h1 led bulbs because they have low power consumption, long service life, resistance to mechanical vibrations … Today they are considered to be among the best. The most popular manufacturers of H1 LED lamps: OSRAM, Philips, BEAMTECH, HIKARI, Fahren, Cougar Motor, NINEO, Aukee, AUTO ONE, CAR ROVER and others.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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