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    Les Bullideres offers to buy a new property in Andorra.
    Features of Andorra real estate.
    In addition to such obvious parameters as the area or condition of the building, it is highly desirable to evaluate a few more. Depending on them, your maintenance costs may vary significantly, and most importantly – it will be more or less pleasant for you to live in your own house in this wonderful place.
    Today it is profitable to buy a house in Andorra through the company Les Bullideres https://www.lesbullideres.com/
    The amount of sunlight.
    Andorra lies in the mountains, and different parts of the territory receive very different amounts of sun. In summer, during long light days, this is not so noticeable, but in winter the difference will be noticeable. If your house gets good natural light, you can save on heating, snow will melt faster, and sunlight will add optimism. However, to find out, it is advisable to come to the viewing in the winter season. Taking into account the fact that Andorra is a famous ski resort, it will be nice to do this.
    Despite the fact that Andorra has a very small territory, the weather can vary dramatically in different parts of the country and even within the same municipality. Therefore, it is advisable to study the weather in several regions, visit there in different seasons and choose the place where you are most comfortable.
    Upcoming construction.
    It is always useful to ask about development plans that may begin in the nearby area, especially if you see that an object in a good location is suspiciously cheap. It may happen that they decided to sell it urgently, since a large construction project is about to begin in the neighborhood, and you will lose a beautiful view or the possibility of hiking.
    Although everything is relatively close in Andorra, the closer the object is located to ski resorts, main roads, urban centers and schools, the higher its cost should be.
    For those who like privacy, settling down at the end of a village road may seem like a great idea, but there is a catch. The fact is that such roads are cleared of snow in the last place. And if you need to get out of the house, you will have to work with a shovel yourself. And also: try to assess in advance whether you are ready to drive on this particular mountain road in winter.

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