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    If single keys in laptop stopped working then you can replace it. Take advantage of the offer panasonic laptop replacement keys – Offer of replaceable keys for laptop keyboards. Choose the right laptop model: brand and series. Order single keys.


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    As I use my system like twice or thrice a week, after sometime dust starts to accumulate on the keyboard. I fear dust may get clogged inside and may result in over heating so my question is… Should I use a silicone keyboard protector for my laptop? would that heat up my laptop too coz apparently it blocks the airflow? Any idea what to do?


    Hi. Universal laptop keyboard protector is a good option. It will help protect your laptop from various drinks and food. But everyone loves to eat in front of a laptop. I also love this. Therefore, I bought a protective silicone cover for my MacBook for both the case and the keyboard. Now I watch movies and are not afraid that I will spill something on my laptop


    I have a Samsung tablet. I didn’t want to spend over £150 for the official case so I got one on Amazon which I think is jellycomb. It is really good and the keyboard is removable and the case it’s self is really protective. It’s available for iPad as well. It’s on Amazon for under £40. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a mouse pad but I just use a Bluetooth one or I have an adapter to plug a mouse into the tablet. It’s great. Here are some pics that you may find helpful.


    I hate all the problems I have with the keyboard on my laptop!!! I bought it only because of the convenient keyboard.


    I will say so that even if the problem with the keys is in the laptop, then you need to change the entire keyboard. In computers, everything is much more convenient in this regard. If something breaks, then you need to replace the part, and if something broke in the laptop, then most likely you will have to replace the entire laptop. That’s why I had to buy a new one from refurbihsed laptops UK supplier because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a laptop anymore.


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