Keurig’s “Auto Delivery Starter Kit” is a Scam!

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    Last month, I decided to sign up for a Keurig offer to receive a new [free] coffee brewer with the obligation to purchase [24] boxes of K-cups over the next 12 months. I ordered out [4] boxes of k-cups and the coffee brewer, no problem. This month, I ordered TEN [10] boxes of k-cups to try to bring down the obligation of 24. Instead, I only got “credit” for another FOUR boxes [instead of 10]. Upon calling customer service and speaking to a Japanese girl in broken English, she advised me that no matter how many you buy – as long as it’s at least 4 boxes – you only get credit for 4. So so far I’ve purchased 14 boxes, but only got credit for 8. The real problem is, there is NOWHERE they tell you this when you sign up for the program. A scam, to be sure. The cost of coffee is rising, but I can’t purchase ahead and was never told this. SCAMMERS!


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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