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    Hi y’all! I’m just looking for some store/brand recommendations for rose gold jewellery for things such as philtrum, nose (nostrils), and vertical labret.

    I know of BVLA, but I’m wondering about any others? I’d especially love to know store recommendation for the chains used with two nostril piercings 🙏

    Thank you 😊


    When I was looking for a good jewelry store, I had to deal with a whole bunch of terrible online stores that sold poor quality goods. Fortunately, I did not stop there and eventually found this jewelry store
    I have already bought several pieces of jewelry from it and I truly admire their quality!


    The Jewellery Store is a touch screen app filled with information and offers on jewelry. It uses geo-location to find your location and give you fun facts about the city you’re visiting. Click here You can also browse through a large selection of beautifully crafted jewelry, curated by a team of industry experts and fans of stunning jewelry. The app will even offer individual pieces it thinks you’ll love based on shopping history.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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