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    As far as I understand, it’s quite a big job, which means it’s expensive. But at least a rough price range would be nice to understand.


    The cost of developing a marketplace starts at a few thousand and does not end. It depends on which method of creation you choose: the boxed version or custom development. It is also worth taking into account contingencies.


    Opening a marketplace is quite a complicated process. It requires a lot of investment and experience. To save time and money for those who want to create their own marketplace, I would advise starting with market analysis and studying information about marketplaces. For example, you can read , there is a fairly detailed description of what is included in the cost and how it is calculated.


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    You can find how much does it cost to build a marketplace website in this article by Cleveroad.


    That’s a good question. The development costs commonly differ from project to project. And of course, that can be explained by a number of decisive aspects. For more details, you can check the great article about custom e-commerce development, including the detailed cost estimates.


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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