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    Guys, please help me make the right choice of a game or site for successful gambling? If you know good gambling resources, then I look forward to your recommendations.


    To all fans of online gaming, I recommend iron dog studio games. What can I say about this casino, it’s simply mesmerising with a superb array of games. This casino is an absolute breath of fresh air!


    I think that in general yes, but of course you need a lot of luck. Especially if we are talking about such games like for example roulette.


    Good day. In general I totally agree with previous answer. Gambling will be always risky, so you should be ready that you can not only win. Personally I usually play only for fun, it is something like a hobby for me. By the way I recommend to read more about bonuses to be able to play more for the same money!


    Luck and and good understanding of the differences between short term and long term statistics is in my opinion needed. I read alot of articles by a danish blackjack player who runs the site Hit21 and for some of the best players they can gamble successful but its not an “easy job” 🙂


    I used to be lucky in gambling, but now everything has changed and in fact I have already lost a large amount of money on this.


    Good afternoon! Oh, yes, I lost a lot on gambling too. In fact, it’s a shame because at some point you can’t even stop. But recently I found a website on which I read reviews of bookmakers that I now use and bet on sports. And due to many bonuses, I win successfully! Try it too.


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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