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    I’m looking for a decent broker, but I can’t find anything good except IG. Has anyone tried it yet?


    Recognized sources of broker reviews include the websites of existing financial companies. On the website verification systems based on reputation and authenticity are used. Another way to get information about brokers are third-party companies that also use broker review systems.


    One of the technical indicators you can use to build out your trading strategy on Ayrro is RSI. You may have noticed this option when constructing your algorithm’s entry and exit conditions. What is the RSI, and what does it mean?

    What is RSI?

    The Relative Strength Index is a number ranging between 0 and 100 that indicates the momentum of a stock. A stock’s price can either move up or down, but when the price is consistently moving in one direction over a period of time, we say that stock has momentum. Values above 50 mean the stock has recently been moving up, and values below 50 mean the trend is downward.

    Understanding Time Periods

    In order to calculate the RSI for a stock, you’ll need to define two things: 1) How many time periods to include in the calculation, and 2) What defines a time period? (e.g. minute, hour, day, month). For instance, you may wish to know the 36-Day RSI for Tesla. This means you’ll look at Tesla’s closing prices for the past 36 days and put them into the RSI formula. Generally speaking, day traders are more interested in the short-term momentum of stocks and so they’ll use smaller time frames. Ayrro uses the 14-minute time frame to calculate the RSI value of a stock/cryptocurrency.


    Hi. Support and resistance levels are a good way to identify possible trend reversal points. However, with their help it is impossible to understand in which direction the price will move. Therefore, support and resistance levels should be used in conjunction with other indicators. This one is the relative strength index.


    The Internet is always open for business. E-commerce is popular because it allows a company to conveniently offer its services or products at any time. E-commerce also offers more choices to customers as they can view different products. If the seller has expanded its infrastructure, then this is another big plus for both the client and the buyer. You will be able to find more info about it will help you get extra profit.


    Lots of good brokers. You can find their rating on the Internet and read reviews. For example, I am engaged in forex trading through the EXNESS broker. As for me, a good broker, no complaints. You can consider it as an option.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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