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    I plan to make repairs, my daughter insists on designer repairs, but for me, I myself will do the usual one as well as any designer. I don’t understand at all what is the difference between a designer renovation and an ordinary one? Are they so different?


    They choose designer renovation if they want to deviate from the standards, even of the highest quality, here it is clear that your beloved daughter is probably young and therefore she wants something not standard) Designer renovation is different, individual. And in this case, like a medal, there are two sides. On the one hand, the interior will have all the signs of the author’s work of an artist-designer. On the other hand, we are not talking about “pure art” – a specific person with his habits, concepts of beauty, style and taste should live in this room. For this, the designers initially create 3D models of the interior, well, or you can order it yourself https://www.treenitro.com/3d-visualization/3d-interior-services/3d-interior-rendering/ renovation, but it is very important to create the interior correctly.


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    Hi, about design of the windows, you should purchase a matte film. You can do pasting frosted window film cut to size https://www.window-film-solaris.co.uk/cut-to-size/frosted-film-cut-to-size, the cutting accuracy is -0.1 mm per 1 linear meter, the sun does not fry, perfectly transmits light. Each set includes a set of tools and mounting mortar, an additional piece of film for trial gluing. I recommend it!


    Hi all, I’m renovating my new house now, I’ve already finished the wallpapering phase, and I want to change the windows now. Which company can help me with this difficult job?


    Your discussion about house’s issues is close to me because I also had so many problems over there. Anyway, more and more people want to replace windows in their home as these are aging structures. Accordingly, try to visit this site https://skirtingsrus.co.uk/ where you can view more information about skirting boards. I am almost sure that you will be able to choose windows and doors that suit your home.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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