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    A ringtone is the tone created by a cell phone to identify an incoming message or call. Not really a sound in itself but an actual sound now, the word is widely used to describe personalized sounds normally used on cell phones. Ringtones are available for instant messaging (MMS), SMS, short messages (SMS), and Internet voice messages. Ringtones are also available in different types: classic (standard tone), rock music tones, jazz music, pop music, country music, Asian music, Latin music, rock, heavy metal, and others. Cell phone manufacturers have even introduced a new type of ringtone – the call log – that records missed calls and is stored in the user’s phone book. Download a list of safe and free phone ringtones at the website:

    Ringtones can be downloaded from the internet to be played on the owner’s phone. A large number of websites allow downloads in various file formats. These file formats vary widely in quality, and some, like Windows CE and Mobile Suit (the operating system used in many pre-installed cell phones), are not suitable for downloading in ringtones. Some phones have the ability to load MP3s. These file formats are good for downloading ringtones because the quality is good enough and most importantly, they can be transferred via email.

    Since ringtones are customized based on needs and preferences, they are usually offered with more options than regular phone calls. For example, a user may be able to choose from multiple stock ringtones, each of which can be saved in a separate folder. A specific ringtone can be assigned to a specific contact. Also available are ringtones that announce the arrival of a specific caller and ringtones that play randomly when a mobile phone rings. Ringtones have become the latest fashion trend for cell phones.

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