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    If you’re a single senior man who’s ready for a relationship, maybe it’s time to discover how to make a senior woman go crazy about you. You can win her heart with a few expert tips.

    Say you’re a single senior who’s looking for long-term love. Maybe you’ve already found the senior lady who makes you feel on top of the world. When it comes to senior love, romance can still curl our toes, make us giggle, and give us nervous butterflies just like it did in high school. Real love and romance know no age.

    Once you’ve found that special woman, you want to win her to be yours. Take our advice to make your senior lady crazy about you.

    Many singles prefer getting coffee together for a first date activity because it is casual and affordable. Whether you’re meeting at a Starbucks or a classy restaurant, be gallant: pull out her chair for her to sit down, bring her the sweetener and napkins from the condiment bar, look into her eyes when she is speaking, or welcome her with a single rose.. She will be impressed that you made that extra effort to be romantic. Many single men don’t bother with these old-fashioned practices, but they can really make a senior woman go crazy for you.

    Sam Washington

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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