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    Becoming a real musician is my dream. Does anyone have any experience working in the music industry? Is it hard to promote yourself?


    I’m pretty sure it’s almost impossible, but you can try. Just be ready that you might fail, and that’s okay.


    Well, I don’t really have any experience in the music industry, but my friend is a beginning musician, and he makes house music on platforms where there are thousands of other beginners. It’s actually a great platform because some of them find each other and collab, and it helps them gain more experience and get recognition.


    You know, of course, it’s difficult to promote music. But I did it with the help of social networks, namely instagram. I have a lot of subscribers and fans of my work there. But there was also bad news, someone complained about my account and they blocked me, I was very worried about this, I found a company that deals with unblocking for a variety of reasons, and they helped me get my page by legal means. So, try to create an account with your creativity, maybe they will find out about you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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