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    Hi all, I want to develop my Instagram page how to attract an audience?


    Before you start attracting subscribers, you need to prepare your account. People are unlikely to subscribe to an empty page, so be sure to make 9-10 posts. It is important that the photos are of high quality and designed in the same style – so the account will look more attractive and you will want to subscribe to it. If you find it difficult at this point, you can try Unlike promotion of personal Instagram, before you promote your business you should make a research – analyze your target audience in order to understand who you want to make content for and who you want to target in your ads.


    working on content allows you to increase your audience and develop in the direction of blogging and a breakthrough as well through advertising.


    If you have a well-written bio, have highlighters and about 10 posts, you can already promote your profile. It’s best to take ads from other bloggers who write posts on topics similar to yours. Also you can write comments under the posts of popular bloggers and it can bring the target audience

    Sam Washington

    I believe that advertising is very important to promote a business. Nowadays, in order to promote any product, it is enough to buy advertising in a social network. I haven’t worked with instagram yet, but I promoted my business in Telegram. If you want to buy high-quality advertising with good traffic, I advise you to cooperate with the solus agency. This is a very high quality team that did everything very quickly and qualitatively. There are many channels where you can buy ads and promote your business on the Internet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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