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    It depends what style of Tango you would like. If you mean the one you see on TV, very showy, that is more like Fantasia, or Stage Tango, which is dramatic and often athletic. Socially, people do not really dance that way, unless they are performers! International Tango or American are styles one can learn in a Ballroom dance classes. If however, you’d like to learn social Tango, Argentine Tango is what you want to study. It has a vocabulary that is fairly simple, but challenging to do well, and complete strangers can meet and dance, because of that. If there are no classes or teachers near you, do a search on YouTube for How to dance Argentine Tango. You can play many of the lessons and practice on your own until you find a place to go in person. Although it takes many years to master, the basic 8 count, and the ‘Tango walk’ are the best places to start. Don’t worry about fancy figures, that comes later.


    Hello everyone, I want to share my impressions of dancing, I have been practicing tango for more than a month, and I really like this vibe I learned not myself but thanks to the tango lessons dance school, I took from this site teachers are kind and bright as the sun

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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