h11 LED bulbs are suitable for low beam or can only halogen be installed there?

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    Can you please tell me whether h11 LED bulbs are suitable for low beam or can only halogen be installed there? Has anyone put it?


    I do not recommend the LED. I used to have out 3.0, when one reverse light failed, when the automatic transmission was switched from reverse to drive (forward), there was a movement delay when you go forward. At first I was scared, I thought the end. Before that, I changed just the oil in the box, for the same original one. I thought the oil was fake, I gave a lot of money for the replacement. I went to the diagnostics, looked for a mistake, thought for a long time, scared.But it turned out that the light bulb had burned out, although by outward signs everything was okay, they checked it with the device, as if it had died. I went and bought a diode, put it, the same thing with the box. Everything sank even lower for me. But then the person said that LEDs are not suitable for all cars. I went and bought a regular one. And …. Everything worked like a clock. That’s the kind of crap it happens. Now h11 led bulb I put only in foglights. The luminaire of the latest generation H11 LED bulbs is already superior to xenon bulbs in terms of light output.


    Great day to all. In this topic, I propose to examine different parts of the High Power Backup Lights (assistant, corset). All things considered, and, obviously, various sorts and plans of lamps to make this extremely backup light. I’ll begin, of course, with myself, or rather, with my befuddled considerations on this. Interestingly, I contemplated the reinforcement light when I remained in complete haziness around evening time in new spots in a new stream, at an exceptionally fair separation from the left point.
    The explanation was minor – the battery in my different room plunked down (the hunting time around then surpassed the normal one). Before there has been a surprising rejection of the light, the hunt must be reduced. Valid, then, at that point, everything was less stressing – he just moved onto the shore of the oxbow and walked under the brilliant evening glow to the camp. From that point forward, an electronic dimmer has shown up in my different room, which permits, if important, to move the lamp to reserve lighting mode.
    All things considered, it was later the depicted cases that I made it a standard to take with me a reinforcement light source, the notable “Lumen-4” electric lamp. In this way, first with regards to the reinforcement light. New batteries (very much charged batteries), dependable lights (LEDs) working in an ordinary, non-perekalny mode, estimations of the span of the shine, A solid plane of real light is a kind of guarantee that you will not stay without light quickly and out of nothing. In any case, assuming that the lamp, regardless of how solid it is, unexpectedly fizzles (and nothing keeps going forever under the moon!), Then a reinforcement light source would be perfect. I can’t help thinking that it very well may be of two sorts. The one that will permit you to proceed with an undeniable chase, that is, its qualities ought not to be a lot substandard compared to the light source.


    LED bulbs are available in a number of shapes and sizes.  The essay writer are brighter and last longer than incandescent bulbs, do not contain mercury and do not have any toxic chemicals in them.

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