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    Free Radio West Midlands is a community based amateur radio station providing entertainment and information for residents of the West Midlands. Free Radio is a local group of amateur radio stations based in the West Midlands, run and managed by Bauer as a part of the radio hören group. This station plays a variety of eclectic music and talk shows and attracts listeners from all over the UK. The aim of Free Radio West Midlands is to provide an opportunity for residents to interact and get information about a range of different subjects. With a mixture of musical and talk show formats, Free Radio West Midlands strives to be a fun and exciting experience for its audience, whilst still providing the information and entertainment that it claims it can.

    In the year 2021, the Free Radio Network will expand dramatically with the addition of new Transmitter Stations. The stations, which will be brought up include: Clarks, Heytrop Park, Nuneaten, Melton Mowbray, and Wrexham. It is hoped that this will raise awareness of the community and promote communication between people in the local area. The future stations will be based in places such as Heytrop Park, Nuneaten, Melton Mowbray and Clarks.

    Free Radio West Midlands also provides a platform for independent artists who wish to publicise their work, and a national showcase for touring bands. Stephen Dunifer, the station manager, and Martin Price, one of the founders of Free Radio, have worked hard to create a programme which combines the advantages of conventional radio with a variety of interesting new elements. The future of Free Radio West Midlands will see a stepped-up effort in its development, both in terms of listeners and a broader variety of programming, to ensure a greater presence on the radio and raise the profile of independent artists and bands.


    Radio West Midlands is bringing you the most comprehensive coverage of the UK’s biggest and best free events.If you interested to learn new ways then check we cover everything from real time news and information, fantastic live music, cinema and theatre, special events, festivals and family fun.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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