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    I need an ERP system for an online store. Interested in the following functionality:

    – warehouse management

    – base of goods

    – product data options / attributes / description

    – base of counterparties

    – tasks / processes

    – accounting (invoices, order processing, posting)

    – CRM

    An important point, the ability to import from Excel to this ERP, with the ability to customize this import. There are a lot of options for products (more than 10 for one product) with different prices, I would like to be able to program the import process, just import and that’s it. Moreover, I would like that this ERP-system was integrated with the site, and was automatically updated. That’s, it seems, everything. Maybe someone put something like that. Thank you.


    A ready-made store integration solution is available only for Magento. You can turn here because there is a lot of trouble with her. Most of our host providers are not provided with the proper functionality for deploying it on the same host with stores (the system is written in Python + PosgreSQL and store engines in PHP + MySQL, respectively, and 2 DBMS and two languages, few of the host providers offer.


    Not every Magento development company has experience in integrating ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems but any business needs to have an operational process running smoothly. Magento ERP system integration covers the whole range of operational management needs. You can find more here


    For developing an eCommerce application Magento is the best platform to develop an online store. You need to hire a Magento development company that can guide you to develop an eCommerce store with the help of their expert developers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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