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    Elien Spa – Sports Massage in Riga
    Restorative massage is a sports massage that is prescribed to accelerate the recovery of muscle performance after a performance. In order to remove decay products from the muscles as soon as possible, to eliminate the consequences of injuries, restorative massage is often combined with hydro procedures. To restore strength after physical exertion, massage will be more effective than passive rest.
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    How effectively the restorative massage will be carried out largely depends on how quickly the athlete will have the strength to restore training sessions. Massage is designed to work with the most tired and exhausted muscles. Unlike many other types of sports massage, restorative massage can be performed directly during breaks of sports training. The purpose of this massage is to warm up tired muscles, shake the body and increase muscle tone.
    The basis of the restorative massage should be the individual characteristics of athletes, the duration and intensity of the training, the emotional state of the athlete. The restorative massage should not be started immediately after the workout, but 10-20 minutes after its completion, when the athlete’s breathing and pulse will return to normal. The average duration of the massage is 8-12 minutes.
    In case of severe fatigue, the massage begins with stroking and smoothly proceeds to general rubbing of the whole body, shaking and kneading. The strength of the physical impact should gradually increase during the massage. The duration of such massage should not exceed 20 minutes.
    The technique of sports massage is characterized by modified techniques (with a predominance of warm-ups) of classical massage. On large muscle groups, most techniques are performed with weights — with two hands, when one is on top of the other. Sports massage can be performed with the feet, if the massage with the hands does not have the desired effect.
    Different sports, even when using the same parts of the body, will have different effects on the muscles, because different muscle groups will work. For example, while playing tennis, the legs work the same way as when running, but there are different muscle groups.
    Sports massage is done depending on the type of sport, and is concentrated not on the whole body, but on individual muscles that are most involved in this sport. So, a runner and a cyclist, a tennis player and a basketball player require massage treatments of different plans.

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