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    We want to develop a marketplace with the possibility of telephony. A website with a list of experts, their description, the ability to add comments, reviews, and an indication of the cost of the consultation. The consultation is conducted via an audio call to the phone (without using the app). The client leaves a request, the money is debited from his account in his personal account. After consultation, in case of unused minutes, the money is automatically credited back to the account.


    There are no solutions on the market that could fully, 100% meet the needs of each project. And it never will be. Creating marketplaces of goods and services will most likely require an individual approach . Therefore, it is important to evaluate in advance the possibility of expanding the functionality, even if at this stage you are not planning any site modifications and additional development and integration of additional delivery and payment methods for orders.


    If you are looking for a company to help in creating: mobile applications, websites, see the website: Excellent specialists who will help you in developing a modern IT solution tailored to your business. Contact them and discuss the details.


    Developing an online marketplace is an important part of building a business. You need to set up lists of products to showcase, get customers to check out your store and start buying from you and fill orders from prospective customers. Here you need this hire remote developers and learn more new tips about leadership. All of these actions take time and effort and any one of them can stop you in your tracks. It’s crucial to make sure your market is right for your business, consider whether or not it has the right people, and set up some marketing strategies to help drive demand.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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