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    Cloud computing What is cloud computing in simple terms?


    Cloud computing is about storing, managing, and using data on the Internet instead of doing the same thing on a physical computer. The simplest cloud computing examples is saving data in Google Docs. This allows you to create and save a document remotely rather than storing it as an MS Word document on your PC. As technology has evolved, cloud computing examples have changed.


    Yes, previously there was no cloud computing and all operations could be performed through local storage or a physical PC. Which is obviously more complicated and inconvenient than, for example, through the same Google Docs.


    Thank you for such simple explanations. This is really important information for me. If I need to set up a server to store my personal information, then I can still spend some time figuring out the cloud storage settings, but when it comes to business, I definitely prefer to use the managed cloud hosting service that I found here . I like that setting up the storage of information and access to it using this software is much easier, and if I have any problems with this, I can always get high-quality and professional support.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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