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    HI, I was wondering if anyone experiences having like a brain blocked feeling when it comes to thinking or not having a train of thought for conversations after using cbd?


    I am new to this and haven’t noticed anything like this yet. I am currently using cbd in various oils that I order online and get the product ordered and use stress free delivery. Any tips on how to use cbd properly or beneficially can be found on the internet. Different amounts depend on different effects, because there are different cbd products.


    I havent tried it in large doses to experience the body high to it yet but for me it mentally kinda feels like seroquel feeling kinda zombied or having trouble thinking. is that how its supposed to make you feel? or is it because im using more than i should like maybe take 0.5-1s puffs or not draw as hard for it to have a different more clear headed feeling to it? or are the puffs im taking actually not enough or something.


    Listen, maybe you just need to smoke some weed? If you’re comfortable with it, then I recommend giving it a try. When everything is in moderation, everything goes well. If I’m under severe stress, I can smoke cbd hemp flower near me a couple of times a month and thus relax and escape from heavy thoughts.


    It seems to me that this can happen if you have consumed bad quality CBD. Try a different supplier


    I’ve never had a problem like that. I don’t know if it’s the low-quality CBD or your body’s peculiarities. Maybe it’s just your brain that reacts this way to CBD. Try ordering CBD elsewhere, like westcoastsupply.cc. I vouch that this store sells only the highest quality products, after which you will get the effect that the seller promises you.


    Does anybody form this forum know about cbd cost and reviews? I wanted to have more information about it but these services below didn’t help me to find all information. Thank you in advance.


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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