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    I noticed for myself that I much more like to call to ask a question than to write, because it is fast and a human voice is much nicer than a dead text. How about you?


    Personally, I like calling much better too, simply because it’s easier to say in words than to write for a very long time. But I’m sure there are people who are less comfortable with this method, introverts, socially anxious, and so on. So I think what’s needed here is multichannel, where you can both call and write. Read about it, it’s pretty great stuff:


    I’m a clogged jerk who’s afraid of people like fire, so it’s easier for me to write than to call. I used to not even be able to text people, but I’m slowly trying to overcome my fears.

    Melissa White

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    This is not always the case in a call center environment. This is not surprising, experts say, as it is a complex process and finding a practical approach to organizational structure can be tricky.”


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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