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    Buy Plasmolifting PRP Tubes
    How PRP therapy is carried out.
    You should come to a plasma therapy session with clean hair. With a low pain threshold, the patient undergoes preliminary application surface anesthesia. The procedure for improving the scalp does not require hospitalization. All manipulations are carried out on an outpatient basis in the conditions of the cosmetologist-trichologist’s office and take no more than one hour. The process takes place in several stages:
    Buy Plasmolifting PRP Tubes
    Specialist consultation: clarification of indications and contraindications, preparation of the course program (dose, duration, frequency, etc.).
    Blood sampling from the patient: 10 to 30 ml of venous blood is required for one procedure (the amount is determined by the cosmetologist). Blood is taken by venipuncture into branded test tubes containing special components that preserve maximum cell viability, and filters that separate red blood cells and leukocytes from plasma with platelets.
    Preparation of the preparation: for this stage, the method of centrifugation is used with a special mode of operation of the equipment. The number of platelets in the finished preparation should be at least 1 million / ml, which is a prerequisite for PRP therapy.
    Antiseptic treatment.
    Introduction of platelet mass into problem areas: with the help of microinjections, the drug is injected subcutaneously into the scalp according to a pre-arranged scheme.
    Repeated disinfection of injection sites.
    Platelets injected into the skin activate the division of connective tissue cells, improve the work of fibroblasts producing new fibrillar proteins. Gradually, the old framework is replaced by new collagen and intercellular matrix. The complex of reactions normalizes local immunity, microcirculation, oxygen exchange and lymphatic drainage, which contributes to biological revitalization and improvement of the dermis structure, suppression of inflammatory foci.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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