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    You can make a living playing a game if it supports the game asset market and secure transactions between players or other parties. Privacy and security are big issues of today. Blockchain platforms provide solutions for both. Transactions are private and secure and there is no need to provide any personal details to participate in blockchain games or its economy. I want to create a unique exciting game supplemented with blockchain technology. Where can you turn for advice?


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    Now you can really not only play computer games, but also earn money on it. This further motivates the players. You can exchange with payment transactions just like in life by buying various inventory.


    see what I can say, you put everything on the shelves and think correctly .. therefore, you just have to make a choice and stop at any company .. and you also need an idea so that the players can earn money, and of course you .. choose wisely .. you can look here:


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    Валтт79: – I followed your link to the site and looked. I’m pleasantly surprised that programmers have reached a new level, it’s cool. In the evening I will take a closer look at this server and maybe order a game for my phone, I have a good idea that is not similar to ordinary games, I don’t know if they will agree to create a game according to my non-standard idea or not, we’ll see…

    Coinneach 13

    Blockchain games are not only entertaining and fun, but they can also help develop your gaming skills! By playing these types of games, you can sharpen your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities. Who knows, you might even discover a hidden talent for gaming! So go ahead and give them a try you might just have a blast!



    what you say is real, I have a long-distance friend in Vietdam and he makes a living playing blockchain games, he earns between $600 to $800 a month which seems completely crazy to me, how great he must be, when I talk to him again I will ask what are the games that it plays, and regarding your post, you should choose a company that is dedicated exclusively to it, since you need to plan the game, it is not simply to create it and that’s it, it has a whole science behind the economy and its token in addition to its market


    you will definitely have to contact a blockchain game development company, they are the only ones that can help you create a game like this, you can try searching in google search, you can try searching something like “I am looking for a creator for blockchain games” to see what you appears, good luck with the project


    Blockchain games are the ones that are created with blockchain technology in a way that not only a single entity but the entire cluster of systems that are playing the game owns a copy of it. If you want to build a blockchain game, you need the help of a blockchain game development company either you do research on google or you can take a look here and good luck.


    The Blockchain is a decentralised, public ledger that records transactions across numerous computers. It was created as technology for the bitcoin cryptocurrency, and it offers the quickest method of creating and verifying transactions.I think it is more entertainment to all.

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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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