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    Geometry Dash is a brain game developed by RobTop Game – who had the unique idea of combining children’s geometry with adventure-style gameplay. This exciting game is a series of 5 video-based games, with a total of 21 official levels.
    The goal of this game is quite simple, all you have to do is to lead your icon to the end of the level map, avoiding all the spikes that come in your way, the trick is: those spikes might be so hard to avoid, so the goal is simple but the way towards it isn’t at all. On your way to the end, you will go through many portals, that will take you from a game mode to a different one, the variety of game mode is what makes this game so unique, and those are the game modes: Cube, ship, ball, UFO, wave, robot, spider.


    The game has many achievements that can be unlocked in many ways, such as: collecting a certain number of stars, completing a certain number of Demon levels, completing official levels, adding friends, like or disliking online levels, custom level ratings, etc; Plus secret achievements are unlocked although the game does not reveal. Achievements can also be obtained by obtaining shards of power, which can be obtained by opening chests. By unlocking achievements, players are rewarded with certain symbols or colors, where they enter the Icon Kit to customize their icons. The player can also unlock other customization features, namely the selection of the bands (trails) behind the icons, the mid-color glow around the black border of the (glow) symbols, and the effects. death effects.
    Players have a total of 338 different symbols, including:

    142 square blocks (cubes)
    51 types of aircraft (ships)
    43 types of balls
    35 types of UFOs
    35 types of arrows (wave)
    26 types of robots
    17 types of spiders (spider)
    7 types of tails (trails)
    17 death effects
    In-game items
    Mana orbs (can be considered as money): Used to buy items in shops. Collect by playing levels, opening chests.
    Diamond (diamond): Used to unlock new achievements, to open Vault of Secrets and Secret Shop. Collect by playing levels, opening chests and completing quests.
    Shards of Power: Used to unlock new achievements, collected by opening chests and winning mysterious islands. They have many different types, if collected enough, will unlock the corresponding icons.

    Geometry Dash Lite
    Is the free version of Geometry Dash. The game includes the first 13 levels also from the full version, with difficulty from Easy to Insane.

    Geometry Dash Meltdown
    On December 16, 2015, Robtop announced the release of this game, and a day later it was released on Android. On January 19, 2016, Robtop released the game for iOS. The game has demonstrated some of the new features of version 2.0 (full version) to those who only own the Lite version. The game consists of 3 levels with difficulty Easy, Medium and Hard. On the game’s dynamic background when opening the game, players can see a new type of vehicle on 2.2 (not yet released), leaked to gamers by robotop.

    Geometry Dash World
    On December 21, 2016, Robtop announced the release of this game. This is the version where players can explore the features of the official 2.1 version and some features of the 2.2 version (unreleased) in online levels. The game consists of 2 worlds, each world consists of 5 small levels. The levels are displayed in Easy, Medium and Hard levels (however, Robtop does not specify the difficulty of each level in this version).

    Geometry Dash SubZero
    On 12/12/2017, Robtop announced the release of this game, and it was released 9 days later. This is a game that showcases some of the new features of version 2.2 with new icons and a new perspective feature (Camera Control) along with a reversed dash orb. It may preface the version 2.2 axiom.

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