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    Today, AI-assisted retail store automation will soon spread to the entire retail industry. But the technology is still developing. Retail stores are increasingly moving from basic touch computers to smart customer assistance systems. I also had an idea to change something in my business. Can you tell me where you can find information about artificial intelligence in retail?


    Yes, now such artificial intelligence technology is actively practiced, including in stores. Now there are processes that machines can handle. This will make the job of shop assistants easier.


    I believe that you need to read all the necessary information on the Internet, or immediately from people who can help you with the development of new artificial intelligence for your own purposes, so find a company that can carry out this activity and ask her all your questions


    I too am interested in artificial intelligence. It amazes me how quickly this technology is developing, many companies like this are developing software based on artificial intelligence. And thanks to them you can now find various developments with AI in education, medicine, commerce, etc.


    I agree, artificial intelligence is developing every year. Nowadays, shops without sellers are in fashion, everything is based on artificial intelligence. They help to accurately calculate the required number of consultants in the hall and specialists at the box office, and build work schedules for employees. I advise the sooner you turn to specialists in this field, the better your business will be. Specialists can be found out from friends who have online stores and offline stores


    I think it’s a great idea. You can certainly find information about artificial intelligence on the Internet. And perhaps there is some kind of literature, or modern magazines in which you can find this information. Well, or ask someone who has already encountered this.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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