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    Fancy Feast was created in 1982 and was probably the first cat food brand to capitalize on the”gourmet” concept. Although it’s currently one of the cheaper brands on the current market, Fancy Feast is advertised as a luxurious food experience for cats.

    Three years after its beginning, the brand was bought by Purina, which later merged with Nestlé. As of 2017, Nestlé-Purina was the second-highest-earning pet food company in the world with more than 12 billion dollars in earnings.

    Sourcing and Manufacturing
    Most Purina products are created and manufactured in the United States. A Couple of goods are made in Thailand–Fancy Feast Purely, Broths, and Flaked Fish & Shrimp. Irrespective of location, all products are created in company-owned facilities.

    Has Fancy Feast cat foods been remembered?
    Fancy Feast cat food has never been remembered, but other Purina manufacturers are recalled multiple occasions. Click here to read our complete Purina review and also to find out more about the company’s recall history.

    What types of cat foods does Fancy Feast offer?
    Fancy Feast contains over 100 recipes, such as patés, broths, morsels in gravy, and two kinds of dry cat food. Here’s a list of everything Fancy Feast has to offer:

    Wet Cat Food
    The Gourmet line is the original Fancy Feast, such as a broad range of wet foods, including patés, morsels in gravy, sliced foods, milk-infused foods, foods with additional sauce, chunky paté, and more.
    Gourmet Naturals provides recipes much like those in the Gourmet lineup, but Naturals foods don’t contain artificial flavors or colors.
    Purely Fancy Feast Natural entrées are made out of chicken, seafood, or beef without by-products or fillers.
    Dry Cat Food
    Gourmet Dry Cat Food is Fancy Feast’s original dry cat foods.
    Gourmet Naturals Dry Cat Food is produced with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
    Fancy Feast Appetizers are delicate pieces of chicken or fish in broth.

    Chicken appears to be the principal protein source in this moist cat food.

    This cat food is among Fancy Feast’s essential recipes.

    It is in the timeless lineup and can be a straightforward paté containing chicken as its primary protein source. Be aware that this isn’t referred to as chicken liver, turkey liver, liver or some other special sort of liver. This type of vaguely-named ingredient is not necessarily bad for your cat, but it’s indicative of cheaper food and is associated with feed-grade ingredients.

    The same is true for the next two Fancy feast kitten food reviews, that can be meat by-products along with fish. Meat by-products could comprise tissues from cows, sheep, pigs, or goats. The vague label fish could refer to different farm-raised or wild-caught fish species.

    The following ingredient is”artificial and natural flavors”. Both are named, but we all know that”natural flavor” is generally derived from animal tissues. Artificial color, however, refers to something synthetic that tastes the food. Though synthetic flavors are not considered dangerous, the vagueness and artificiality may repel some customers.

    The food is stabilized using guar gum, a comparatively secure binding agent and stabilizer derived from guar beans. It’s colored with unnamed artificial colours and contains sodium nitrite to promote color retention. It’s supplemented with synthetic vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which make it nutritionally complete.

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