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    Haircuts piss me off. I dont know what looks good, and even if i did, my hair is always at the mercy of the haircutter.

    Anyway, are there any styles that look near-universally good on men? What kind of haircut places should I look for? I went to a barber and he really fucked shit up (in a bad way).

    Sorry if this has been asked previously


    Hi. For me, hair has always been the most important feature of a man’s beauty and image. As for me, a well chosen hairstyle can hide some flaws of the face and on the contrary, emphasize beautiful facial features. That is why it is important to think about what hairstyle you want to do for yourself. Personally I can advise to contact one of the masters from this site as with them you can consult and they will help you with the choice of the best hairstyle, which is ideal for your face shape, hair length and so on.


    A good hairstyle is a guarantee that you will spend a minimum of time styling. In addition, a haircut can correct the face and shape of the head.

    The first thing to do when choosing a haircut is to decide on the main factors that affect your appearance.


    When I was looking for different hairstyles and choosing my own hairstyle, the advice on MensHaircuts helped me. Here stylists and hairdressers talk about the rules of hair care and different types of haircuts. I chose low taper fade and I really like it


    If you need a manicure in your area and if you are living at Nokesville, VA then it’s probably hard for you to find one. Because there’s just too many beauty salons here Nokesville and having a hard time deciding which one to visit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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