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    For some months, internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have displayed a brief warning informing users that Adobe Flash support would be ending on December 31, 2020, the End-of-Life (EOL) date. On July 25, 2017, Adobe stated this in a blog post titled “Flash & the Future of Interactive Content.” The main reason for Flash’s demise, according to the blog post, is that other alternatives to Flash, such as HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly, have matured, making it less feasible in the long run. Adobe offered developers three years’ notice before shutting down Flash to allow them to migrate their work to these other standards.

    Despite the fact that Adobe’s support for Flash expired on December 31, Flash material may still be played on the player until January 12, 2021, when Adobe completely disabled it. However, after the EOL date, several browsers stopped supporting Flash. Because Flash no longer functions and Adobe will no longer be providing updates and security patches for it, Adobe strongly advises users to delete it from their machine. Users who still have Flash installed will receive a popup from Adobe to uninstall it effortlessly, or they can manually delete it from their PC.

    What is the legacy that Flash has left behind now that it has finally left? Few people have never seen a “Click to allow Adobe Flash” or “Flash was blocked on this page” notice because so many websites used it at its peak. Many people remember playing Flash games like Run, Fireboy and Watergirl, or Papa’s Pizzeria when they were meant to be working at home or at a school computer lab. People have been able to save these games by updating them to HTML5, like has done, or by putting them in a downloadable launcher like Flashpoint, which has access to over 70,000 Flash games that would otherwise be lost, according to Adobe’s three-year notice.

    However, the amount of vulnerabilities that Adobe Flash has experienced throughout the years is also part of its heritage. Adobe Flash has experienced at least 1,078 vulnerabilities since its release, according to CVE Details, which bills itself as “the ultimate security vulnerability database.” Despite the numerous security flaws that Adobe Flash has had over the years, it was formerly used by approximately 30% of all websites.

    Adobe will continue to contribute to the HTML5 standard and participate in the WebAssembly Community Group, even though Flash is no longer supported. Flash has a lasting legacy, and other standards are being developed and used to build on the foundation that Flash established.

    The latest HTML5 version of Fireboy and Watergirl has been updated here.


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