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    Hello, people! I want to find a good service where I could get a terminal for paying by credit card. What can you recommend to me?


    It seems to me that it’s too early to think about these terminals, people still pay in cash


    Friend, if you want to find this service for yourself and you really want to install a terminal for your store, then I would recommend to look at the website first of all. I, at one time, ordered this service on this site and did not regret it at all. The revenue became more from sales and did not regret at all that he installed the terminal in his store.

    Sam Washington

    Recommend me a good service with which I would be able to accept funds through the terminal so that people could pay for their purchases with a credit card. Thank you in advance!

    David Crawford

    You know, if a merchant needs to open a high-risk merchant account, they need to contact payment processors who work with high-risk merchants. Try tap to pay contactless payment app. This company is dedicated to providing a contactless payment application, as well as good and reliable solutions for your business. Good luck buddy!


    A friend of mine started his business and opened a business account at GoSolo. I think you can sear some information there or easily Get Started and open a business account too. He is absolutely delighted with service and safety, so you should check this service.


    There are a couple different options you can go with depending on what you are looking for. One of them is Square. They allow you to use your iPhone or tablet in order to swipe credit cards and their service is free. Another one is PayPal Here. Their service is like Square but they have more flexibility and you can use it on your own website with a little bit of coding. They also have a lot of different payment options.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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