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The short answer is: unfortunately, there’s no good way to get more than a few seconds worth of audio out of Discord. As it turns out, setting up your microphone on Discord can be pretty complicated and you have to do it in a number of different ways depending on which platform you’re using. We’ve done our best to break down the process and walk through the various options so you know what to do next time you are faced with this problem. karaoke wireless microphones
The first thing that needs to happen is that there must be one device connecting to your computer (or at least one active channel/voice channel) so that Discord can hear it. If there’s no device connected, then Discord will not hear audio from it at all (and won’t allow any voice activity).
Once your microphone is set up, you will want the sound quality set to ‘High’ so that the sound comes through loud enough so that Discord can hear it. It will not be impossible for Discord to hear audio from other computers even if they aren’t actively connected, but they will not be able to play any music as well because they won’t receive any sound through their own microphones. In other words, if someone else is playing music on his computer and has headphones plugged into his computer, he might be able to listen in, but he certainly won’t be able to play music.

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