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This is my experience of employing unskilled or semi skilled workers.

I have owned and run a few businesses and have many friends the same.

The biggest problem we have always had and still have is finding someone to come and work for us.

That is my experience in the UK, USA, Poland, France, Germany and a few other places.

Typically I would advertise a job, then I would hope to get maybe 4 or 5 people apply more often though zero.

I would offer the job and arrange a start date. 9 times out of 10 the person never turns up.

If by some chance they turn up they would usually leave within the first hour or go home and never come back after the first day.

As a rough guide I would ‘recruit’ at least 20 people before I had a decent employee who would turn up and do the job reliably.

So if you are serious go and ask round an industrial or warehousing complex near where you live. Dress in clean clothes and look the part and be prepared to start right then and there, I am sure you will find some work and money.

p.s. I realized after writing this that in all the years I ran a business with employees I did not once recruit anyone from an advert. Every ‘good’ employee either just turned up and got a job or were a friend or relative of someone I already employed.

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