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Create backups of your data and documents. Since blue screens are often indications of hardware failure, including the hard drive, you should external backup all the important data there. Save backups of your files on external disks or in your cloud so that power system errors cause as little damage as possible. The fastest way to do this is with the Windows backup tool: go to “Settings” under “Settings and Maintenance” and select “Create computer backup. You can then create a recommended or customized backup of your files on your desired hard drive (for example an external disk). Keep Windows as well as the operating system and drivers updated to the latest version. I can see here and learn more. As this is the way, these updates deal themselves on their own. An incorrect update will rarely trigger a blue screen. In general, however, regular updates are recommended to avoid any compatibility issues. You cna utilzie present antivirus software with an active scanner and/or firewall to save yourself from malware and other related things. In some cases, these malicious programs cause major system failures that force Windows to react with the blue screen effect. There are also cases in which malicious software has created a blue screen to trick the user into tricking them into a scam.

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