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There is no way to completely protect yourself from the Windows blue screen of death, because internal errors can occur even through no fault of the user. It can occur as a result of a faulty update or due to spontaneous hardware failures. There are certain strategies that you can use, though, to prevent losing important data and reduce the chances that a blue screen will appear.

Create backups of your data and documents. Since blue screens are often indicators of hardware failure, including the hard drive, you should externally back up all important data that’s located there. Save backups of your files on external discs or in your cloud so that potential system errors cause as little damage as possible. The quickest way to do this is with the Windows backup tool: go to “System settings” under “System and Maintenance” and select “Create computer backup” (Windows 10: “Backup and Restore”). Then you can create a recommended or customized backup of your files on a hard drive of your choice (e.g. external disc).

Keep Windows as well as device and system drivers updated to the most current version. As a rule, these updates take care of themselves. A faulty update will rarely trigger a blue screen. In general, though, updates are always recommended to avoid any potential compatibility problems.

Use current antivirus software with an active scanner and/or firewall to protect yourself from viruses, malware, etc. In some cases, these malicious programs cause critical system failures that force Windows to react with a blue screen. There are also cases in which malicious software has simulated a blue screen to deceive the user and lure them into a scam.

Keep your PC clean and tidy. Check that your fan works unimpeded to avoid device failures. Turn your PC off when you’re not using it. Uninstall software that you don’t need and keep an eye on background processes. Don’t click on suspicious links on the internet and only obtain downloads from reputable sources where possible. Handling your computer contentiously and with care significantly increases its lifespan and decreases the chances that you’ll encounter system errors in the form of blue screens.

I hope this information will be helpful!
Mark Wilson

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